Need to be #1 in Local SEO? Here’s the shortcut that works, guaranteed.

Here’s the fact:

The higher your business ranks on Google searches, the more traffic, leads, and ultimately sales your business will make.

That’s such a hard fact, that there’s no controversy about it whatsoever.

Need proof? Money talks. Companies spent $65 billion (with a big “B”) on SEO in 2016.

But in order for SEO to work, you need a long term content strategy. That could take years, and a ton of investment, before it ever pays off.

So how does a small business win in this ultra-competitive SEO game?

Here’s the answer you were looking for:

Google AdWords.

I’ll be honest here…

I do Local SEO for small businesses. Lawyers, construction companies, photographers, restaurants… you name it.

SEO efforts do pay off. But it does take time.

Google AdWords allows your business to rank on the top of Google search results pages for the most desirable keywords right away.

Sound awesome?

It is.

But you still need to know what you’re doing… Or, hire somebody that does.

And this does not mean that you should stop investing in SEO. It does pay off… eventually.

There’s no other way to say it, though:

If you have an immediate business need to appear on the top of Google search results, for keywords that your customers are searching for, the shortcut is Google AdWords.

Contact me today for a free, no obligation Google AdWords consultation! I guarantee you’ll walk away with profitable ideas.