Cut The Fat Marketing Delivers
5 Service Non-Negotiables. 

No Long Term Contract

Our competitors force you to sign difficult, long-term contracts. When you sign up with us, it is on a month-to-month basis. This gives your business flexibility in making smart decisions as to what web services you will need.

All Assets Are Yours

Everything that Cut The Fat Marketing develops for you (website, domain, social profiles, copywriting, images) will always be your assets. Our competitors often keep these valuable business assets for themselves when you discontinue service … this is a HUGE liability to your business!

The Sunset Rule

Above all else, our firm believes that service is king! This means that you can get a hold of us for anything, at any time, for any reason. We guarantee that your problem will be addressed by sunset that same day!

We Are Flexible

Cut The Fat Marketing is committed to delivering small businesses the most efficient, valuable web service packages possible. We design our service packages to this end. At the same time, if your business needs a custom solution… we will be here to provide it! Our competitors are often unwilling to have that conversation.

No Upselling Ever

Cut The Fat Marketing respects the needs of our clients. This means that we will never bug you with calls and emails to try and upsell our services! We believe in keeping you informed about what we can do for you, but it is always your choice to purchase any additional services. Our competitors? They operate on commission, and will upsell you every chance they get!